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WHO: Kurt & Open to those staying at the school
WHAT: The buses arrive
WHERE: Front of the school
WHEN: 10am

It was a sad event. Nearly all of the students were packed up and being sent home and it was clear that nobody truly wanted to go. What would these kids say once they were back in their neighborhoods and faced normal kids again? How would they cope with knowing that while once upon a time they could fly like a bird and would never do it again? Those with physical deformities like himself hurt Kurt the most. They would still be freaks, only now with no powers that in many cases provided them with protection. More importantly: those kids needed those powers more than any other time.

The buses plowed through the screaming the chanting protesters, many of them already claiming that Xavier's school was keeping kids hostage. New vans appeared and were making huge scenes over the events. It was undoubtedly all over the news and it was not going to get better. The humans were scared. What would the mutants do now? They could change their world to be whatever they wanted it to be-- who was to say what they lived in now was even real? Many blamed Xavier. Many chanted his name or some variation of their desire to speak with him. Kurt tried his best to ignore them. He had to show the kids that he was not afraid and they should not be either.

"I vill now call off names of those kids going on the first bus-- please pay attention. Brian Cruz. Aurelie Sabayon. Melody Guthrie. Mark Sheppard. Amber Smith. Laura Kinney. Megan Gwynn. Callie Betto. Sarah Vale. Andrea Margulies--" The list went on. 50 students names were called. 50 students were going to say goodbye.


"Um, Professor?"

Cessily tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and shuffled up to the blue mutant.

"I was just wondering... since she doesn't have a home to go to, really, I was hoping Laura could come with me to Oregon."

She bit her bottom lip, hoping that would be okay with Nightcrawler.
Kurt furrowed his brow. He had forgot about those who had no where to go at all. "Vhere in Oregon...? Do you have family? She is too young to be alone, Cess." He said as he flipped through her file, looking for something that would help her case.
"My parents still live in Portland, as far as I know," she glanced back at the younger girl, then with more conviction than she had probably ever shown in her time as an X-Man, she said to Wagner, "She won't be alone, Professor. She'll be with me."
Kurt sighed. It was a wonderful thing, these mutants binding together in their time of need but it didn't change the fact that these were humans again. And Laura had special qualities even as a human.

"Yes..." He said still reading her file. "Fine." He slammed it shut. "You are scheduled on the second bus. I vill allow Laura to go vith you but .... be careful out there, eh?" He said, taking her in for a half hug. He was going to miss these kids. "I suspect they vill not be kind to even those vho were even once mutant."
Laura was finding it harder to listen in with out the heightened senses. She REALLY needed to find a way to get them back at least.
But she felt comforted by the look Cess gave her. Like she was wanted. A small smile touched her face as she hugged herself, the smell of the leather jacket comforting her. "Thank you" she said over hearing she was allowed to. She had no idea where else she could have gone.
"Wow.... I guess this is it," Sarah said breathlessly. It felt like a dream again, standing there in front of the school as a human once again. She had wished for that moment for so long, but now that it was here... it felt wrong. Like that fear before getting on a rollercoaster or an airplane; all facts points to it being perfectly safe, but there is still the feeling under your skin that everything was incredibly wrong.

"I... just wish it wasn't so sudden." She looked down at her hands, seeing them again without the ghostly hue she had grown almost fond of. It had made her different and unique in a world of of telepaths and telekinetics.

Jay had been enjoying the silence of flight. Hiding from the reality of the world they had all found themselves in. But he knew he'd have to come back down. He settled on the roof of the school to watch the gathering students. He heard Melody's name be called out. He bit his lip wondering if he should go down and say hi.
Waiting until his conversation was done, Sam dropped a hand lightly on Kurt's shoulder. "No need to worry about Melody... Ah took her to the airport myself this morning. Ah... thought she might like to fly one last time." He looked haunted slightly, but was already in his uniform. He made a movement as though to go, and then hesitated. "Keep an eye on Joshua for me, will ya? Ah don't think now's quite the best time for him to be spreadin' his wings up there... least not with a mob at the gate."
"Of course- no students are allowed to leave school grounds. Ve are in full lock down until somebody tells me othervise. I'm surprised you're allowing Jay to stay, honestly. I vould have betted on you taking both Melody and Jay out of here until the vorld settles down a bit. If it ever does settle down, that is...."

He smiled bitterly at the mob and looked over to Jay. "He vill be safe here, though. That much I can promise."
Emma walked out into the front yard, and felt the sun upon her. It didn't sit right. The days of drinking had taken their tole, and they were wrecking their horrid revenge. Shielding her eyes, she groaned a little and walked down to where Kurt and the other's stood.

"Of course he will be safe here," Emma piped in dryly. "He'll be here safe from the horrors outside. He can still be friends with those to whom he once was."

Looking from Jay to Kurt, she sighed as she spoke flatly, "Where are the rest of the students?"
Sam sighed. He had never liked Emma, but after she had trained Paige he at least had to begrudgingly respect her, and he trusted that she always had her students at heart (cold heart or not). "Yeah... Well y'all just make sure fly boy doesn't do anythin' stupid. It runs in th' family, after all..."

He looked to Kurt. "Honestly, Ah'd have Jeb here, too, if he would come. We may be sittin' ducks, but at least we can see the hunters from here." A grim smile crossed his face, and he nodded to his friend. "Plan is to be back from Genosha by the end of the day. I'm not countin' on our luck right now, though."

Sam cast a cool, but polite, look in Emma's direction, "Ma'am," and turned to leave.
As if on cue, Hippie strode from the door of the mansion with a look of determination on her face. She was flushed and slightly sweaty, and carried an armload of damp rags. Even more out of place than Xavier's most shiftless student looking as though she had just run a mile was the fact that her rebreathers, which she continually spurned, were in place and she was very obviously clear-headed.

Without so much as a glance at the faculty members gathered to one side, she marched single-mindedly toward the gates.

((sorry so short, i figured Ann would do something as soon as he grabbed her))

"ANN!" He shouted before taking a deep breath teleporting away to grab Ann. He would be immune to her pheromone as long as he could hold his breath around her.