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Who: The Team Going to Genosha
What: Killing time and looking for Mags.
Why: Because someone needs to find him.
When: About 3 hours after taking off.

Everything seemed to be clear as Scott looked over the scans for the next hundred miles.  Things were going as smoothly as one could hope, yet the real tough stuff hadn't even started yet.  But, that was due to come in time, or whenever Logan decided to open up his mouth and go off the handle again...and from experience Scott knew that it was about even ten minutes or so.  But, he had to admit, now that things were getting in motion, he felt better and could find himself focusing more than he had in a very long time.  It was almost as if whatever he lost when Jean left, was back.  That in turn was because of Emma, but also because of this strange new thing inside him.  He liked it.

  Looking back to his team, he spoke, "Just another half an hour or so, and I'll be touching down.  I want everyone prepped and ready to go to work."  With a more determined look, he spoke more roughly.  "Should Magneto put up some sort of resistance to coming along politely with us, we will have to subdue him."  Looking to Logan he said, "The key word being "subdue".  That means no lethal hits." 

  Turning away from the team, Scott saw a small pin prick of something along the ground.  He could was sure it was Genosha, and it would just be a matter of time before everyone could get some answers to what they had all being going through...or so he hoped.


Elisabeth had idly chatted with Remy in French, passing the time it took to reach their destination. She deliberately ignored Tabby, trying for the sake of the team to keep things as civil as she was going to if only for the mission. Her aside (and maybe even Mystique), this was her team. These were the people she loved to fight alongside. Sure, she wished Kurt or Warren were present, but at least without them, she could focus more on getting things done than goofing around with Kurt or trying to kiss Warren.

She chuckled at Scott's warning to Logan and nodded. "Oh, I'll keep my eye on him." Elisabeth winked at Logan, adding, "Don't you worry about that one, love."

Privately, she sent a telepathic message to Logan; [Or be the first one to back you up. *laughs*]
Logan merely grunted back at Scott; his comment wasn't even worth a reply. Leaning back in his seat, legs outstretched and arms crossed, he sighed. He hated being cooped up anywhere, the plane especially. Not only was he trapped with the inane chatter of his teammates, he was also stuck watching Boy Wonder do one of the few things Logan had never learned how to do : fly a plane.

[You better back me up, darlin',] he thought back. [Only one on this plane I trust behind me.]
Having sat as far to the front as possible, Mystique looked up toward Scott with a very unamused expression on her face. Her arms were crossed under her breasts, the right leg over the left at the knee, and she huffed a sigh. They knew nothing of this man, nothing of his ways or his attitudes. They only knew what they wanted to, only saw what they'd long been told to see. Well, Mystique believed she knew differently. She knew Magneto for who he really was, and was fine with that.

"He'll be fine," she said to Scott in assurance. Whether she was telling the truth or not had left to be seen. Sometimes Erik did pull strange things out of his hat, and these days she almost felt. . .unsure. Did she really know him like she once had? Somewhere inside her cold heart she felt a pang of insecurity.

and then it passed as she shifted in her seat to lean to the right with her fingers touching the bone of her jaw. These people were sometimes insufferable.
Tabby took the headphones out form her ears when Scott began to spoke. She was a terrible copilot, truth me told, having not paid any attention to the flight thus far.

"Yeah yeah.... same ol' song and dance. We try and talk him out of it, he throws entire skyscrapers at us..." She mumbled, looking out the window. On the horizon the black and grey island began to appear, just as charred and destroyed as ever. It was going to be a fun search and rescue.

"....then we blast back, someone gets yelled at for not following orders... X-Men wins, we go home victorious, wash, rinse, repeat."
He couldn't help but snort at Tabitha's mumbled comments. "Glad to hear you know how it works there, darlin', but don't worry, since I'm here, I'll be the one getting yelled at." He knew Summers hated it when he talked lightly about their obvious rivalry.

"That sounds like a challenge." She smirked back in his direction.

Scott smirked slyly to himself, as he checked the landing prep. The landing site was coming up fast, and he couldn't wait to get his hands dirty.

"I only yell at acts of seer stupidity Logan, but knowing you like I do, I am sure we shall see some new one's that will make our jaws hang lower than a cut on Emma's top." He couldn't help it. He laughed a bit. He loved the woman, but sometimes, she tended to show a little to much.

Seeing the wasteland around them, Scott noted the clicks to go. "Okay everyone," He said with a slight joyous tone. "Touch down in two."
"Take it how you want." He itched for a cigarette, anything to calm him down. He hated flying. Wasn't natural, flying through the air like this.

There conversations were just so entertaining, sometimes it was hard to contain herself. However, Mystique rolled her golden eyes as she stood up with one hand grazing the wall. With a glance at her comrades, she shook her head. This needed to be done quickly, for she suddenly felt as though she had no patience to work with them. At least, she thought, on the bright-side she had worked with worse and survived. Not that it was a very comforting thought.
"Alright, lets get out of this tin can and go find ourselves an arch-nemesis." She said, unclicking her seatbelt the second the bird landed.

She threw on her sunglasses and stood, ready to leave and get on with the mission. At least, she thought, Sam wasn't here to tell her what to do.
The Blackbird set down the a large jolt and Scott looked around somewhat embarrassed as to his landing skill this time around. Casually he uttered, "Sorry."

Undoing his seat belt, pulled on the head cover to his uniform, passed Tabitha, and hit the step switch. A rush of warm fresh air hit him in the face, it was welcomed. Breathing in recycled air for so long, got to be a bit annoying.

"Okay Team," Cyclops spoke as he looked to them all. "We're going to split up and see if we can find Magneto. Tabitha, Logan and Betsy, you'll be a team, while Mystique and I will head the other. You're team," He said pointing to Logan, "well head for the bluffs to the north of us. Meanwhile, Mystique and I shall head for the ruins of what was once the city. All clear?"