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Log - Practice Makes Perfect

WHO: Mystique, OPEN
WHAT: Hand-to-hand training taught by Mystique
WHEN: Mid-day
WHERE: The grounds out back
RATING: PG (subject to change depending on character)

In all honesty, Mystique doubted that anyone would come to her little impromptu lesson. No one here liked her one bit, she could feel their distaste. And yet she didn't really care. If they were smart, disliking her or not, they'd come. An intelligent student who had heard anything about her would probably know that she had gotten out of more accidents and complications with her hand-to-hand skills than they could probably count. Not to be cocky, but Mystique been around the block in all sorts of ways. Fighting was one of them. It was just a shame that she couldn't share her knowledge with these people. Really, it was. Here Mystique lay, out on the grass with her elbows tucked behind her to prop herself up, and not a soul would come. That would teach her for feeling generous.

Though, today she was more searching for an escape than a student. She needed something to take her mind off of the chaos that had risen from dust. Mystique didn't want to think about anything that had to do with Genosha, Erik, Scarlet, or anything of that variety. This time around, she wanted to not have her mind on a million and one things. Usually her head was filled with orders and ideas, statistics and information. It all got overwhelming sometimes, and the woman needed a break. Hopefully teaching someone to better arm themselves in battle would help.

Now if only someone would join her.


Jay sat looking at Mystique from one of the higher branches of a tree. He sighed before gliding quiet easily down to the ground near her. "No one's coming you know" he offered.
The woman lifted her eyes toward Jay, a brow raising before she closed her eyes and cracked her neck softly. "You're here," replied Mystique with a cool tone of voice. Hands pressing down against the earth and grass, she pulled her feet up underneath herself and stood with ease and grace.

"Does that mean you're no one, too?" She gave a smirk, walking in a half circle around him on her bare feet. Yellow eyes taking him in, she nodded. Help was most definitely needed in this school.
"Did you know?" he asked "Little Icarus flew too close to the sun and died" he shrugged "I'm nothing more than a memory" Icarus said trying to hold back a smile. "Sides, I'm not a Lov-" he stopped and corrected "-singer not a fighter"
Mystique flashed her white teeth at the boy, shaking her head. "Icarus may be a memory, but his story is still told throughout the world. Not to mention you are not Icarus. Because you have the same name, does it mean you're the same person?"

She took a step back from the redhead, arms crossing over her flat stomach as she thought. Not a fighter? Well, that meant little to Mystique. It was unfortunate, but in this day and age everyone was a fighter; even if it meant for their life just by living. So was the way of the world. How pitiful.
"I did die" he said with an overly casual shrug. Although he wasn't going into his story more than that.
He smiled as he watched her watch him, "I'll be fine. I plan on falling for a girl who can kick arse for me" he said. "But I do work well as part of a team"
Poor thing, thought Mystique, he still didn't see the BIG picture. Such a shame that he was so closed minded. Turning to half-face him, her arms unfolded and fell to her sides.

"You know, it wouldn't kill you to at least know how to disarm someone." Said the blue skinned woman as she leaned upon her left hip. "Besides," her lips turned into a grin again, one that was a little more wicked than she might have intended.

"It's fun." Now what boy didn't want to have a little fun while learning?
He couldn't help the smile that touched his face "I've done pretty well in the danger room" he offered. "And in training" he said before shrugging "But I guess I'm not doing anything else...."
Wonderful. Mystique's smile fell to little more than a smirk, taking two quick steps toward Jay. Her hands shot out as she ducked to the left and stood behind him, her foot pressing against the small of his back with both of her hands holding just tight-enough to his wrists.

"See what I mean? Everyone could use a little practice." She promised to go easier on him next time.
He nodded "Guess you could say that" he said, in one move he pulled forward while flapping his wings back with a strong flap. Apparently not concerned by the possibilty of damaged to his arms, wrists or shoulders.
Persons with extra appendages made everything so much more entertaining. Mystique released his wrists and jumped over his head. Using the motion of her leg to turn herself around, the woman landed on her feet upon the ground in front of Jay once again. Right hand coming out, the wrist made to hit his shoulder while her foot aimed to hook around his ankle and, hopefully, pull it from under him.

"And you told me you weren't a fighter." She smirked.
"I'm not" he chuckled managing to avoid the hand he tripped more heavily as his foot was hooked out from under him. Landing with a grunt on his wings he groaned. "I leave fighting to the rest of the family" he said starting to him softly, a tone which, if he got it right would disrupt her equilibrum
Oh, now that just wasn't fair. This was hand-to-hand combat practice, though in his defense Mystique had not specified the use of gifts or not. Looking down at him with a brief moment of shock in her eyes, she took a staggering step back and tried to keep herself standing. Instead, she fell to her knee. She was more pleased with him than disappointed, and wondered briefly why she had ever stopped training other mutants. When they did well, she was proud of them.
He smiled stopping the soft hum as he got up, offering her a hand, "Sorry" he said softly. "Family as big as mine, you get used to cheating to win fights" he chuckled
"It's not cheating," said Mystique as she got up after a hesitation when she looked at his hand. She took it, but as she stood she pulled him forward and swung her thigh up into his hip. If all went as planned, Jay shouldn't have been hurt, only a little wobbly. Hopefully she hadn't hit him too hard.
Jay yelped and wobbled gathering himself fast enough to not fall over letting go of Mystique in the same move.
Looking on Jay, Mystique let her arms cross under her breasts and nodded. "Good job, kid." She shifted on her feet, giving a second nod. "And here I thought you were nothing but a stick in the mud."
He smiled "I'm not a stick in the mud? Now that I should celebrate" he said softly, keeping an eye on her.