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WHAT: Having breakfast
WHEN: Mid morning - Sunday
WHERE: Kitchen

  Emma slowly made her way into the bright kitchen.  Bright wasn't working to well for her at the moment.  The night before she had polished off a rather large bottle of the finest rye she could fine and just let the bottle take her to that dark place that she knew all too well.  It wasn't the same as in the Hellfire days, but with Scott doing his best to ignore her, the bottle just seemed like the obvious answer.  She was just happy more than anything that Scott was not back with Jean Grey.  No, Emma wouldn't be sure what she would do if he was stupid enough to go back down that firy hole of exploding person. 

  Walking over to the fridge, she began to search for a bottle of Gatorade.  Sure, she knew that most people or even some of the lesser student's would decree that Coffee could be the quick fix solution, but no.  She was dehydrated, not tired.  Looking through the overly packed fridge, she began to find rather disgusting looking old food in plastic containers.  Many of which had crudely drawn names on them.  Most of them belonged to Poppy and Anne.  Rolling her eyes in disgust, she used her mind to lift the items and put them into the garbage.  It was useless having such a system when such people as those to sodding bints just threw anything they bloody well pleased into the fridge.

   Finally, after a few tossing of old moldy food, Emma stood back and looked at her work.  Everything was arranged and looked neatly.  A smile danced across her face and then faded and turned into a rather annoyed grimace.  Speaking to herself she said, "I'm cleaning...I think I need to go find another bottle of rye."  Shaking her head at the idea, she found a bottle of green Gatorade and savagely began to open it and drink the liquid down before she did something completely stupid.


Logan had been watching Emma clean the kitchen for a while now. He'd come down to get a cup of coffee but found it amusing to see her attacking the refrigerator. So, he'd leaned on the side of the doorway and watched.

"Ain't you worried bout your manicure," he drawled once she'd finished. "I think you might've ruined it."
Frost turned her head slowly towards the door. There standing in front of her was the one person to whom she considered an equal when it came to wit and tact. Two peas in a pod, perhaps that's why they couldn't stand each other.

Brushing aside a lank of hair, Emma said bluntly, "This coming from the poster boy for personal hygiene? I think I'll be fine." Taking another slip of her drink, she cocked an eyebrow at the savage and said rudely, "Did you need something?"
"Why don't you tell me? We both know that the E in your name sure as hell don't stand for ethics." He had intentionally thought of just coming to the kitchen quickly (he had smelled the coffee), then returning to curl up with Jean, but he hadn't had a good argument in a while that didn't end with him punching the person out. And since he couldn't punch Emma (she'd probably stop him before and make him dance like a duck or something), he could verbally annoy her instead.
Looking upon Logan as if she was deeply disappointed in what he had just said, Emma put a hand against her hip and said, "Really? The great Wolverine, master of insults, second only to your truly, that's the best you can do? I'm evil." Rolling her eyes and laughing as she took yet another large gulp of Gatorade, Emma spoke, "Dear, should you wish to actually say something of use...no. I take that back. Unless it refers to beer, violence, or that sodding time bomb waiting to happen, that you shuck up with, you really have nothing to input."

Cracking her knuckles, Emma walked towards the kitchen island and sat herself down at it. Reaching across the table and pulling the morning's paper towards her, she opened it up and began to read.
Oh it wasn't that bad of an answer, he thought to himself as he poured a cup of coffee. Of course, it was easier to be a jackass when he wasn't getting laid constantly and wow, was Jean able and willing. He turned towards her, cup in hand, and cocked his head.

"You're one to talk. Sleeping with the boss. Good move. No wonder you don't have to do the fucked up missions anymore. Not like you could handle them anyways"
Logan's thoughts were rushing into Emma's head. Flashes of him and Jean together in what could only be described as farm animals fornicating, Emma felt the unnatural urge to throw up. Shaking this feeling off, she smiled wickedly, without looking away from the paper she was reading.

"Yes, because leading a team of young mutants to form The Hellions, surviving the Genosha Massacre, helping lead the Hellfire Club, taking down the X-Men time and time again, clearly I am totally incapable of tying up my own bloody shoes." Sighing in annoyance, Emma folded the paper up to look at James and to press her point.

"Falling in love was not something I planned on. Scott is a wonderful man and he understands me. But, being in love does not always agree with me. Nor does being an X-Man. I think you above all people would understand that. So, before you go off the handle throwing anything you can think of in front of me to make me act like the bumbling Kitty Pryde, take a deep hard look inside yourself, James. You'll see that you and I, are not too unalike."
"Isn't it too damn early for philosophy, Frost?" He understands what she's saying all to well, and it scares him.
Plus, it's hard for him to tease her back when she uses his real name: that means she's serious.

Sighing, he sits down across from her. "But since you've started, I'll play nice for once." Thinking, he looks down at his hands. "It's hard to be different people. I think you know what I mean by that. X-Man. Teammate. Leader. Lover. Whatever. And," god this is going to be hard," I do respect the fact you manage. Not so well sometimes, but you try. That's tough."
"I don't do a damn thing because it's a choice. I do it because I have to." Frost said looking at her bottle of half drank Gatorade. "People see me as the predator that I really am, they keep on expecting me to turn on them and sell them out for the next little bit of silicone that I can pump into this already lovely body of mine."

Bringing her hands together, she set them against the hard cold surface of the island and began to speak in a more non-lethal tone. "I'm not going to change who I am. I'll always be the fabled "White Queen." But, I believe I've proven myself a member of this rag-tag band of misfits time and time again. As you have."

Turning to see the clock on the wall, she noticed the day was still full ahead of her. Rolling her eyes and knowing that she was going to regret asking this, she pressed forward, "Glad to have the 'Holier than thou' Jean Grey finally in your arms?"
Raising an eyebrow, he takes a drink of his coffee. Emma is in one of the nicest moods he's ever seen her in, but he's not complaining. It gets tiring being mean all the time.

He doesn't want to just answer her question though, so he takes his time. "I guess." is all he can come up with, but he can see that's not going to be good enough.

"I dunno. Gonna be honest, Frosty. It's weird. Just fucking weird. Not that I've got anything 'gainst Jeannie, it's just...not something I ever thought would happen. Bet you're thinkin' the same bout, Slim."
Acting as if Logan's question was nothing out of the ordinary, she answered, "Not really." It was a blunt answer, but it was the truth.

Finishing off the rest of her Gatorade, Emma's world started to take shape again, and she felt more stable than she had in a long time. It was good.

"You see, since the first moment I met Scott Summers, I felt something. I wasn't sure what it was until he started coming to me for help with his relationship with Jean." Wrapping her arms around herself with a big warm smile on her face, she pressed on. "He's everything I could want. He keeps me in balance and I show him a world in which he can be free, and be a man. He's sticking up to you more often I've noticed." She added with a playful smile.

Shutting her eyes and remembering everything that she loved about her man, she spoke, "He's different. For the better, and whenever he gets into that all business tone he does so feverishly well, it makes every part of me throb."
He never wanted to imagine Emma throbbing, but he can see what she means. God, have I stepped into an alternate universe, he thinks to himself, 'cause this is not making sense. Of course, at the same time, he is enjoying this conversation.

"So you're who I have to thank for Slim getting that stick up his ass removed, huh." And vice versa, he thinks. Lifting his mug in a toast, he smirked. "Cheers." He finished his coffee, and leaned back on the chair, raising the legs up in the air slightly.

"I can hear what you're saying though. I feel a lot more alive when Jeannie's around, that's for sure."