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WHAT: Backdated goodness
WHEN: Saturday, the evacuation of the school.
WHO: Everyone at the school who wasn't on a rescue mission
Note: This is my only day before I disappear for a week, please skip my turn. This was the first bus only-- if you're a student scheduled to be on this bus (there wouldn't be many of you) please be one of the three as indicated in the post. There are no other survivors.

Ann was sucessfully detained from her rebellious stint with attempting to knock out the protestors, which naturally only made the protestors more vocal. Screaming, yelling, throwing of bottles and cans... the school was quickly becoming unsafe.

The bus quickly loaded the first round of students and the engine started up. Kurt felt a deep pang of sorrow watching the kids go who had lost their powers or were instantly asked by their parents to leave... it was almost absurd, he thought, the amount of anger and fear placed on the mutant popuation of the world even before the incident cast by Wanda. Now those fears and the rage would only grow. At least these kids leaving now still had a chance at a normal life... At least now...

The bus started off towards the main gate, pausing while the doors opened. A second later, the bus exploded.

Kurt- without thikning- teleported onto the bus to grab as many students as he could with his hands and tail, bamfing back a few meters away from the burning wreck. He took a step to teleport back into the bus when something large and black came hurdling at his head- undoubtedly a projectile from a protestor. He collapsed and fell unconscious.


Reroute power to main cortex. Search for electronic life forms. Searching....searching....one product found. Weight: 500 pounds. Operational status after activation: 60%. Over all time to full power up, three minutes. Electronic Lifeform Known As: Sentinel.

Danger worked quickly to get the goliath up and running. Her circuits were running at max power, and she could begin to feel her child being "born." The flicker of life, the protocols coming back to it, and it's over all mission; Search and Destroy all mutants.

A rumble of damp earth shook in an empty field miles from the Xavier School. Many of the surrounding animals starts to fell as they felt the tremor. With a loud eruption, and the sound of hard metal hitting the ground, a full Sentinel arose from the earth.

"What is your command?" It spoke in it's lifeless tone.

"You know what is to be done." Danger spoke to her child.

Without another word the titan began to move towards the School, to end it all.
Cessily was terrified. She'd just finished seeing some of the younger kids off, and was heading back into the mansion when the overwhelming noise filled her ears. She turned around in time to see Professor Wagner falling to the ground.

"Professor!" She cried out, running to him and turning him on his back. No response. "Professor?" She tried hard not to panic, but it was difficult.

"Professor, please," she patted his face gently, trying to rouse him. The smell of burning metal -- and other things -- filled the air, and she could hear others pouring from the front door to see what the commotion was about.

"Please wake up. Please," she shook him lightly, hoping to stir him into consciousness...
A loud thud echoed throughout the vast country side as the well worn legs of the once mighty Sentinel came down hard against the ground. With each step the colossus took, another bit of energy was being wasted. But still, the mighty metal monster sallied forth.

"Begin scanning." Danger spoke to her creation, as the process began.

Scanning in progress....
ETA of complete scan.....3.4 Seconds
Scan complete....
Target achieved...
Awaiting orders...

If a being such her Danger could smile, she would have been. Strike down her Father and the rest of his unworthy kind, was something that even she could not express, even in binary.

"Orders, open fire."

The power collected in the frontal firing lobe, as the beast looked upon the school. With this first strike, Danger knew it would be over in a matter of seconds. Charging up what it could, the metal machine spoke, "Firing."

A hot blast of pure energy exploded from the eyes of the Sentinel and races across the fields and went slamming into the side of the school. A loud sound of bricks being thrown array, and glass shattering echoed in the distance.

"The first move is all mine." Danger spoke, as she began to download herself into the metal, and electronic devices around her. It was time to make her presence known to the staff as The Xavier School.