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WHO: Kurt, anyone
WHAT: The arrival to the Avengers Mansion in NY after the school was destroyed by Danger
WHERE: Literally the front lobby
WHEN: Thursday morning

Kurt looked around, carefully holding his one remaining parcel of belongings that he could salvage from the school. It was eerie standing here, knowing that this was the site of the once mighty Avengers. The place had been abandoned for what seem like years, when in reality it was only a few months. Cob webs had taken over, dust had piled up, and the air felt old and heavy. Kurt coughed slightly. It was all very odd.

"Vell... At least it's still standing?" He mused to himself and anyone happening to be behind him. He crossed himself and entered.

"First thing first is finding a layout of the building so ve can separate remaining students from teachers."

It was amazing that they even still had a handful of students... but most of the parents, bless them, still believed in the X-Men and believed that they would be far safer in their watch than in their homes. What amazed Kurt even more was a majority of the students appeared to want to stay, even though their school and home had been destroyed by its own technology.

"Then-" he coughed again "Spring cleaning, eh?"


Sighing upon entering the building, Mystique shook her head. Shame such places went to ruin in so short amounts of time. Dust was everywhere, but that could be fixed quickly enough. One could just hope the students didn't have severe allergies to said soil. For their own health, she'd almost suggest they wait outside. Almost.

"The third floor," she stated. "Was used for their landing gear and hangar. Second floor consists of living spaces and bedrooms. This floor can easily becoming living space, though it was used for general purposes. Open to the public," perhaps the shape shifter had once taken a tour, for she seemed to know at least a little about the building. "There are basements once used for computers, I assume. All of their tech or storage."

Mystique took a few steps forward, though in comparison to her son was still off near the door. Hands resting on her hips, she looked around. "I'd assume you could split it off into two sides, but the hall upstairs is like a C. It's not straight down the middle like at Xavier's. There were probably. . .ten bedrooms at most."

That was all the information she had or could remember. Over her many years, the woman had gotten her hands on quite a few documents she was sure not to have had.

[[Has link, will use: here.
Kurt glanced back at Mystique for just a second. She knew too much and the thought brought goosebumps to his skin.

"....Thank you, ...Mystique." He was at odds with what to call her. Codename would do for now. "We will set up the bedrooms immediately, give the students a place to grieve and rest." He moved aside and began to open the shades of the windows to let in the sun. "I assume you already have on you the Academy's archived computer files that you can upload into the system here to help get us started? You should take Wicked with you...."

He hoped that by having a student at her side she would be less likely to do.... her usual song and dance when it came to the X-Men. Regardless, Kurt did not trust her at all.... but he did, at least, trust Wicked and she was smart enough to know when something was wrong.
A slender brow raised as she looked toward Kurt, smirking lightly. "I always come prepared," she replied from where she stood. Shifting on her feet, Mystique then stepped off on her black heels through the dust to glance into one of the rooms nearby. She passed by the staircase, pausing to look at the gray colored steps, then carried on.

"The drive is in my bag," the woman prompted while turning to face the younger man and crossed her arms. "Where would you like me to plug it in?" She was actually rather amused with the fact that her own son was giving her orders. There was both a loathing, for she didn't much like to follow orders not given by those she deemed worthy, and a pride in her heart. Yes, she had abandoned her son; but for good reason. Mystique was only proud to see he had made it this far and was so strong. Kurt could have fallen so far with all that had happened.
Wicked seemed a little surprised when she heard her name mentioned and she blinked a bit in the gloom of the place, sensing something here that wasn't quite fully formed, but she nodded slightly and lifted her satchel and slung it over her shoulder, being a little careful because of all the hardware she was carrying. Part of her was itching to see what was in the building's computer systems, since she'd burrowed her way through Xavier's systems months ago. She looked at Mystique with a hint of a frown, seeing ghosts overlaying her that weren't ghosts, she could only assume they were other lives this woman had led. Shrugging and blinking away the image, she glanced around the room, looking over the walls.

While the two of them were talking, she moved around the room and stopped near one of the walls, bending down and smiling as she flipped a panel back revealing an ethernet port, "This should at least tell us where to go to find the main systems so we can upload a few things. I'd guess it's not as wiped out as you think, Professor." The girl couldn't quite hide the excitement from her voice, though she managed to keep a straight face.
Kurt nodded, still avoiding eye contact with Mystique as he walked over the the port that Wicked had mentioned. "Keep an eye on the computer system here... make sure no data comes out, or in, from any suspicious source." He spoke lowly to Wicked so that only she may here. Not that he didn't trust Mystique- oh wait, he didn't trust Mystique at all.

"I suspect you vill be able to vork vith a student? Perhaps we can call this the first class. Classes are still in session, however for all intensive purposes I believe all students remaining ought to be trained to vork as a junior team and train as vne."
Following Wicked around the room for a moment, the mutant mother then turned her gaze back on Kurt. She was amused that he was whispering to the student, like she was some sort of criminal.

Well, she was. But that was beside the point. Mystique only flashed him a white smile from behind her blue lips as she took smooth strides over to the pair.

"Of course I can, I've worked with less, unfortunately." Memories of the weak were not appreciated. Turning to Wicked, the woman knelt by the girls side and pulled the USB drive from her small bag that had been hanging from her shoulder. "Lesson one; keep two of everything." Her fingers slid the port-end of the drive out and handed it over to the student. "After you."

She could be civil and teacherly, it wasn't as if she hadn't been before. Kurt just hadn't been there to see. Poor baby.
Pulling out a small laptop that looked like it had been seriously messed with, Wicked tied it into the ethernet port and then connected the USB, her eyes quickly scanning over the files. Over a year working under Hank and she could recognize most of it, frowning slightly over a few before nodding slightly. Looking up at Mystique from her position seated on the floor, she frowned and pointed at something that was giving a question mark icon with a name that as gibberish to her, "What's this one? Oh, and the main computer bay is in the basement, the room is code-locked still but I think one of these things can bypass it... And if not, I've heard you're good at that sort of thing." It was almost an absent-minded statement, but one that held slight interest, like it would be something she'd be interested in learning.

Then she registered Kurt's comment and she looked up at him, "Not combat training again... You know how much they hate that sort of thing. Well, most of them, and I don't like the ones who enjoy it. Can't I just work in the tech department and figure stuff out on that end like before?"
"Everyone is at risk for vast amounts of violence, Wicked. Defensive classes are going to be doubled, if not tripled." He decided to leave out the part where mutants were starting to turn against each other and power training for defensive purposes were going to be taught as well. He thought it was better to scare them further than they already undoubtedly were. He shifted his weight from one foot to another, feeling as if he ought to say something further to his mother.... however no kind words would come. He kept quiet and nodded to Wicked to continue her work with Mystique.

"Next step vill be settting up a defensive perimeter, alarms.... no more Danger Rooms, no more sentient technology. Everything must be able to turn completely off, in case we get a reprise later. Who else is here?"
Turning her eyes from her son, passed Wicked, and to the screen, Mystique shook her head. "Ghost program," she explained with a small wave of her hand. "Virus. We won't touch that. It's the backup plan." She grinned while watching the girl click around and open the information, unlock certain areas. To be honest, the woman was pleased to see how accomplished this girl was. And so young too. How nice. But her skill was the most promising, Mystique quickly reminding herself to set more codes on that "ghost program." Indeed, within the file was a ghost program and a rather hefty virus that could knock out a computer for quite some time, but what else was in the folder was what she wanted to keep safe. JPGs and PNGs of the past, photographs Mystique herself hadn't looked at in years. But she knew they were there, and that was what mattered.

"And what is it you'll be teaching, Nightcrawler?" asked the blue vixen over her shoulder without looking at him. Her right hand reached out, moving around the small mouse to one of the files left on the drive and clicking it open. The screen went blank before she began to list off the various pass codes that Wicked would need to open the program which would override all other computers in the building until they actually got those machines running. This list that Mystique spoke were not written, at least not anywhere near the Avenger's mansion. All of it came from her memory, years of relying on it caused her to store practically all information she ever came across.
With a hint of a smile, Wicked's fingers flew across the keyboard as she entered the codes, half of her mind filing as much of it away as she could, though she knew she'd never remember it all. Maybe one of the spirits around Mystique would, if she needed them again. Though they didn't look overly friendly for the most part, so maybe she'd leave them be for now. This place had layers of them so she focused on the computer so as not to get distracted and kept typing.

Half her mind was thinking about the teachers they had left and what they taught. Not a very rounded curriculum, though they'd all be able to pick locks and pockets, fight dirty, hack computers and beat the crap out of people in no time. With a little art and history thrown in for good measure. She looked slightly bemused, wondering if she should offer to find some teachers' ghosts to help round things out a bit more.
Icarus wasn't spying, wasn't listening in, wasn't just watching what was going on from a distance.
It just appeared that way.
Well to say honest would be a lie. He was trying to keep track of everything that was going on everywhere and he really wasn't keeping up. So he'd decided that the safe option was to loiter.
So that was what he was doing. Loitering and trying to follow what was going on.