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x23_wannabee in marvel_ous

WHO: Laura
WHAT: Another in a long list of bad choices
WHERE: New York somewhere, looking for transport to Canada
WHEN: Around lunch time

Laura had made one of those split second decisions when the school had been destroyed. She liked Mercury. She appreciated what she was going to do for Laura. But, when the school had been destroyed the depowered mutant had made a split second desicion. 
Her training had kicked in and she'd fled to safefy. Away. 
Once away the decision to play dead was obvious to her. If the Weapon X project were to coming looking they'd find out she was depowered. That the school was destroyed and she'd not been seen since. Surely her being killed in the destruction was an obvious assumption. So she was in New York looking to head away. She just had to decide where. How, when. Answers weren't coming readily. But one place was calling to her. Canada. 
She ran a finger over one of the scabby cuts on her forearm. Time to get moving.