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Marvelous 3.0

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Marvelous 3.0 - Marvel Comics RPG
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Currently in the Marvelous Universe...

Magneto has lost the war against the humans, the war for which he sacrificed the well-being of his children. Now he is forced to watch his daughter Wanda suffer a complete metal breakdown which led the loss of control over both her powers, her grip on reality, and unleashing chaos on the Avengers, killing and injuring most of her teammates as well as the creation of a new Evil...

Professor Xavier, unable to help Wanda, gathers the X-Men and remaining squads to decide her fate. In a twist of reality, the sun disappears from the Earth's sky. As riots and war furthers the divide of mutants and humans, new X-Men band together to turn the fate of mankind away from darkness, until the world and everything in it was enveloped in light.

A new reality for the Marvel Universe was born.

Mankind is growing extinct. His excellency, King Magnus I, has placed a decree ruling for the extermination of those failing to show genetic proof of being a mutant, the homosuperior. Many have fled to the opened arms of King Braddock I, human and mutant alike. Those humans and resistance members caught upon soil under the rule of the House of Magnus have been sent to “re-education and containment” facilities on the moon.

In the last two years, the Human Terrorist Group (HTG) have become exceedingly violent. In order to combat these crimes, the House of M have created a new draft: all mutants, once they have reached the age of 16 are to be enrolled in the SHIELD program and trained in counter terrorism. The world was split into two factions that were headed towards the next World War when Wanda Magnus, the daughter of Magnus, was discovered on the Lunar Base as a human. Once confronted with reality, she uttered the three words that would change the face of the X-Men forever:

"No more mutants."

The world returned to normal, with 80% of the mutant population suddenly finding themselves human while the rest of the human population with a brand new viewpoint of mutant society. Should all mutants be forced to register with the government? What will happen with mutants who are too powerful for their own good? Where is the self-spoke leader of the mutants, Charles Xavier?

The entire Marvel universe is open, however all players must start at Xavier's Academy. Adult characters are encouraged to take position as instructors within the Academy. All mutants have the choice of remembering their life in the House of M storyline, as well as the choice of losing their mutant powers. Any mutant who loses their mutant powers can get them back in a later point in the game.


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