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Jul. 11th, 2008


(no subject)

WHO: Toxin/Patrick/open
WHAT:  Patrick feels like he's intruding
WHERE: New York near the avengers mansion keeping a look out
WHEN:  Thursday evening 

Toxin had helped best he could. He was trying as hard as he was able. But it didn't really seem to be having Quite the desired effect. So Partick had decided it was wise for the both of them to leave the X-men to settle in the mansion and be a look out. Keep an eye open for trouble. Protect.
Toxin liked this idea. It seemed strong and heroic. Unfortunatly he kept wishing bad would happen so he could prove himself a hero. Still at least he was trying and not terrifiying anyone


(no subject)

WHO: Laura
WHAT: Another in a long list of bad choices
WHERE: New York somewhere, looking for transport to Canada
WHEN: Around lunch time

Laura had made one of those split second decisions when the school had been destroyed. She liked Mercury. She appreciated what she was going to do for Laura. But, when the school had been destroyed the depowered mutant had made a split second desicion. 
Her training had kicked in and she'd fled to safefy. Away. 
Once away the decision to play dead was obvious to her. If the Weapon X project were to coming looking they'd find out she was depowered. That the school was destroyed and she'd not been seen since. Surely her being killed in the destruction was an obvious assumption. So she was in New York looking to head away. She just had to decide where. How, when. Answers weren't coming readily. But one place was calling to her. Canada. 
She ran a finger over one of the scabby cuts on her forearm. Time to get moving.

Jul. 6th, 2008



(no subject)

WHO: Pietro and OPEN
WHAT: Just call me scrubby
WHERE: Avenger Abbey... er, mansion
WHEN: Thursday, midday


So, being completely and utterly useless as either an X-Man or an Avenger -- yay, happy memories -- Pietro had taken to the only job available to him that made him feel useful.


And boy, oh boy, the Avengers mansion needing cleaning from top to toe. If only he still had his speed, he'd be done in an instant... as it stood, however, all he could do was take it room by room. It made him feel old, as if every one of his joints creaked as he moved. Even his mind was slower. In a word, it sucked.

He sighed heavily and started in on a second room. He'd already cleaned one, vacuuming, dusting and changing the linens so the remaining X-Men and children from Xavier's would have clean beds to sleep in.

Was this what the great Quicksilver was reduced to?

Jul. 3rd, 2008


(no subject)

WHO: Deadpool! Anyone else
WHAT: Deadpool being Deadpool.
WHERE: The front door to the Baxter Building
WHEN: Thursday mid-morning

Beautiful, sunny, New York. Where the smell of pee was the smell of home. And home to the Invisible Woman. Didn't they have an opening in the Fantastic Four these days?

"Why yes I believe they do." He spoke absent-mindedly to himself. "Hey!" When isn't Wade absent-minded? "Touche."

In the city, Wade was just another crazy bum with a terrible skin problem, a weird odor, in a hawaiian shirt. It was neat since nobody gave him a second look as he talked to himself.

"I don't talk to myself, I muse. Like Hamlet. To be, or not to be, that is the question. Which I never actually caught the meaning of what question. To be what? Stupid Ye Old English writers... didn't have a clue what they were talking about. Now Dean Koontz- there is a master of the pen for the ages. People will be reciting that for the years to come. "

He rang the speaker buzzer to the locked gate. "Hey Jeeves, open up- I gots an appointment." He lied. But 80% of success was just showing up, right?


(no subject)

WHO: Kurt, anyone
WHAT: The arrival to the Avengers Mansion in NY after the school was destroyed by Danger
WHERE: Literally the front lobby
WHEN: Thursday morning

Kurt looked around, carefully holding his one remaining parcel of belongings that he could salvage from the school. It was eerie standing here, knowing that this was the site of the once mighty Avengers. The place had been abandoned for what seem like years, when in reality it was only a few months. Cob webs had taken over, dust had piled up, and the air felt old and heavy. Kurt coughed slightly. It was all very odd.

"Vell... At least it's still standing?" He mused to himself and anyone happening to be behind him. He crossed himself and entered.

"First thing first is finding a layout of the building so ve can separate remaining students from teachers."

It was amazing that they even still had a handful of students... but most of the parents, bless them, still believed in the X-Men and believed that they would be far safer in their watch than in their homes. What amazed Kurt even more was a majority of the students appeared to want to stay, even though their school and home had been destroyed by its own technology.

"Then-" he coughed again "Spring cleaning, eh?"

Jun. 18th, 2008

glow eyes


(no subject)

WHAT: Backdated goodness
WHEN: Saturday, the evacuation of the school.
WHO: Everyone at the school who wasn't on a rescue mission
Note: This is my only day before I disappear for a week, please skip my turn. This was the first bus only-- if you're a student scheduled to be on this bus (there wouldn't be many of you) please be one of the three as indicated in the post. There are no other survivors.



(no subject)

WHAT: Having breakfast
WHEN: Mid morning - Sunday
WHERE: Kitchen

Jun. 15th, 2008


Log - Practice Makes Perfect

WHO: Mystique, OPEN
WHAT: Hand-to-hand training taught by Mystique
WHEN: Mid-day
WHERE: The grounds out back
RATING: PG (subject to change depending on character)

Maybe someone in this heap would be intelligent enough to join her.Collapse )

Jun. 5th, 2008


(no subject)

Who: The Team Going to Genosha
What: Killing time and looking for Mags.
Why: Because someone needs to find him.
When: About 3 hours after taking off.


May. 30th, 2008



(no subject)

Who: Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Armor

What: An interjection moments after this

Where: The Bakster Building


Where is she? She thought annoyed. The Invisible Woman really was nice. After her shock in the streets with memory loss, and mutations falling from the sky form power loss, shock is not the best word.



Finishing off her tea, she stood up more annoyed. "Uegh!" she groaned. "She said she'd only be a minuet... It's been like 2 hours and no one has said anything." It wasn't really two hours. But she is really impatient when the world was in chaos.

Alright that's it. Stomping off in Sue's direction she found the door she had entered. In very much 'Wolverine' way, she didn't bother knocking and just punched the door down off its hinges.  "Excuse me!" she shouted, "The fate of the--" She stopped abruptly noticing where and what the Fantastic couple where doing. "Uhh-" Awkwardness... she made sound that sounded like "EwwW!"  

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