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poolsodead in marvel_ous

WHO: Deadpool! Anyone else
WHAT: Deadpool being Deadpool.
WHERE: The front door to the Baxter Building
WHEN: Thursday mid-morning

Beautiful, sunny, New York. Where the smell of pee was the smell of home. And home to the Invisible Woman. Didn't they have an opening in the Fantastic Four these days?

"Why yes I believe they do." He spoke absent-mindedly to himself. "Hey!" When isn't Wade absent-minded? "Touche."

In the city, Wade was just another crazy bum with a terrible skin problem, a weird odor, in a hawaiian shirt. It was neat since nobody gave him a second look as he talked to himself.

"I don't talk to myself, I muse. Like Hamlet. To be, or not to be, that is the question. Which I never actually caught the meaning of what question. To be what? Stupid Ye Old English writers... didn't have a clue what they were talking about. Now Dean Koontz- there is a master of the pen for the ages. People will be reciting that for the years to come. "

He rang the speaker buzzer to the locked gate. "Hey Jeeves, open up- I gots an appointment." He lied. But 80% of success was just showing up, right?


((Ooc: sorry I didn't see this before.... Sue jumping in since it's been awhile since the Armor/Reed post. Umm...Sue's leaving those two to do the science-y thing?))

The computerized system clicked to life, requesting his name while, at the same time notifying Sue that there was someone at the door. Someone who claimed to have an appointment. Even though there wasn't an appointment scheduled.

"It's okay," Sue answered, pulling her hair back into a ponytail. "I'll see whoever it is. Let them in." Her reasoning? Obviously not a supervillai...they would've just blasted right in. "But I swear...if it's yet another fan club president..." Or worse yet some kind of Jehovah's Witness. She's not in the mood today. Not at all. Taking a chance, she headed for the foyer. Let's see who this visitor is.
Oh no, it was far worse than a fan club president. It was the guy who tried to petition the Invisible Woman Naked Calender, the Invisible Woman Macy's Thanksgiving Parade float, and the Invisible Woman trading card game.

Wade Wilson.

Once the doors opened Wade wandered in, thrilled to finally making it past security. It was perfect.

"Sue!" He said, arms opened for a will welcoming hug. "You look .... Fantastic!"

You know...normally Sue isn't that big on the hugging thing. Especially when she's not really sure she's ever met this...cancery person. But...she can roll with the punches. Play nice.

"Thanks," she smiled, fingertips resting gingerly on his shirt as she gave him one of those air kisses celebrities seem to do all the time. The female celebrities, anyway. "I guess that's why I'm Mrs. Fantastic, hmm?" Corny. And she's heard it a million times, but... She stepped back, then. Sorry, she's nice...just...not that nice.

"But who did you have an appointment with?" Because she's pretty sure it wasn't her.
"You, Reed.... anyone in the Fantastic Four, or should I say Fantastic Three? Rumor's going around that you have an opening. T'name's Deadpool. I'm your fourth man!... Or second man, as the case may be." He said with a wink. Reed had nothing on him.
Sue might disagree on that front...

And skipping right over that comment... "You know there are better ways to make it onto the team than to lie about having an appointment." But a smile was playing around her lips. Just saying. It's like applying for a job and shoplifting as you do so.

"Besides...I'm not in charge of recruitment...that's up to the whole team."
"Yeah but would you ever said yes to seeing me if you know it was me? Heh, I would say no if I were me at the door- that's for sure. But anyway, I'm here, you're here- so what to do say? I have a stellar record- just ask Cable!" He said, hoping to win over the leading lady. Whole team or not, he had to win over Sue because.... c'mon! It's the Invisible Woman! Wade's main gal!
Or...you know...Reed Richard's main girl. Hell, she'll even take being Namor's main girl.

She couldn't help the faint smile. "I say I'll ask everyone else what they think?"
".......This is all kinds of killing my late night fantasies right now. Say something like "Oh Wade, I'm so glad you're here- please take me away from this! I hear Fiji is perfect this time of year" Just humor me. Once? I'll never ask it again."

He said as they trotted onward to... wherever it was they were going. It was the Baxter Building-- he knew nothing about it.
"Wade...I'm so glad you're here. Please take me away from this. I hear Fiji is perfect this time of year," Sue deadpannned, voice monotone. He didn't say she needed to put feeling into it.

And they're heading to....the lab? Probably the best place to find Reed...and usually on the way to the lab, you run into everyone else.
"Oh yeah... that'll last me for the next decade, easily. You know... you could easily get into modeling.... I know a guy if you ever thought about make taking a few chk-chk" He said, imitating a particularly loud camera. "Moira MacTaggart, you know, Xavier's babe... she really knows how to be the goer. I had a brief stay with her on the lunar prison back when the world was screwy and I wasn't locked in a dorm room closet." He said, forgetting that Sue would probably not have any clue what he was talking about. "Man, those were some fun times. Especially when she got the drill out. Eeyow! Muy Caliente!"
Not so much, no. Well, she had hazy memories of when the world was screwy.

A shake of her head. "I think I've got enough on my plate with the Fantastic Four and two kids." Modeling ain't gonna happen for Sue. Not that she'd want it to.