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770mph in marvel_ous

WHO: Pietro and OPEN
WHAT: Just call me scrubby
WHERE: Avenger Abbey... er, mansion
WHEN: Thursday, midday


So, being completely and utterly useless as either an X-Man or an Avenger -- yay, happy memories -- Pietro had taken to the only job available to him that made him feel useful.


And boy, oh boy, the Avengers mansion needing cleaning from top to toe. If only he still had his speed, he'd be done in an instant... as it stood, however, all he could do was take it room by room. It made him feel old, as if every one of his joints creaked as he moved. Even his mind was slower. In a word, it sucked.

He sighed heavily and started in on a second room. He'd already cleaned one, vacuuming, dusting and changing the linens so the remaining X-Men and children from Xavier's would have clean beds to sleep in.

Was this what the great Quicksilver was reduced to?


Though the large, silver man did not understand the pain of what "ex-mutants" were going through, if Pietro told him his troubles Piotr might not understand that either. He wanted to be able to comfort as many people as he could in this time, but lately he was at a loss of words. What did you say to something like this? It was a completely new way of life the victims had to come to grips to, and it looked like some where doing better than others.

Walking into the room Pietro had recently begun to work on, Colossus gave a glad smile. "Pi-tro," he said in greeting, having a little trouble with that inside slur of vowels. "How is cleaning going?" he asked kindly. He had peeked into the room before this and was pleased to see how clean and neat it had become. Pietro was doing a good job, powers or not. While everyone was doing their part, Piotr felt somewhat hopeful that speedy here would be well. He recognized the others sadness, but he made no mention of it. Perhaps it was a topic to not be discussed yet.

Under his right arm was a large trashcan filled with a black bag and half stuffed with garbage. Even the teddy bear had been reduced to garbage man for the time. He even had a headband around his forehead that one of the younger students tied on. For what purpose. . .he was not sure, but he left it if only to see the child smile. Though he did look a little silly.